Self-Awareness & Self-Healing Program

This program will help you to develop a deeper awareness and understanding of your personality, thoughts, beliefs and emotions.  You will also learn highly effective techniques for self-healing and growth, to help you release more of your potential.

This program will help you to:
  • Develop a deeper understanding of your personality and the "Psychology of Selves" or the different aspects to your personality, such as "the responsible self", "the inner critic", "the inner child"
  •  Identify and change self-sabotage patterns, negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions
  •  Develop greater self-acceptance and improve your self-image
  •  Learn techniques for self-healing and growth, including the Emotional Freedom Technique, healing visualisations and journalling techniques

This program can be completed by Skype or in person.  It costs $160 per hourly session and usually requires 4 to 6 sessions to complete.  Sessions can be claimed through private health funds.

Contact Jill

Please contact Jill if you have any questions, or if you would like to book the program.

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